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Cyprus Shami Goats

Shami goat is originating from Mildest. It is widely spread into Cyprus, Jordan, Turkey, Israel and other Mediterranean countries. They are usually red or brown colored but can also be seen in pied or grey. The animals can be either horned or polled and are long haired. The breed is considered as one of the best dual-purpose breeds of the Middle East, under semi-intensive or intensive production systems. It combines prolificacy with high milk production and a growth of kids comparable to exclusively meat breeds.
Average body length, stance, wither height, rump height, girth measurement and body circumference are 94.91±23.0cm, 56.74±6.5cm, 77.07±6.11cm, 78.59±7.12cm, 84.72±8.88cm and 99.98±10.78cm respectively. Average milk production for first lactation with 4 months suckling period was 504.67 ml/day. Average kidding percentage for the whole study duration was 79.5% which 23.5% of them were twin birth. The average birth weight was 3.41 kg for male and 2.82kg for female kids. The mature body weight was 57.674±23.84kg for male and 50.50±13.62kg for female in average. Average daily weight gain (g/day) for 30, 60, 90, 200 and 300 days were 0.24, 0.20, 0.10, and 0.10
Shami goats seem to adapt well to the local environment conditions including the climate and feedstuff. Thus, there is a potential to exploit the genetic productive traits of this breed to enhance milk and meat production.

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