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Education & Training

Education & Training

Al Rabie Global & Al Rabie Academy is the center of education and rehabilitation and training European - Arabic in Tripoli, Libya , aims to provide educational services , training , advisory integrated bodies , government institutions, public and private companies in Libya in the areas of administrative, technical , educational, and provide studies and research and consulting organizational and managerial human development , economic and social , to Besides the development of skills within the individual and collective bodies, institutions and companies .

Experiences and events

Al Rabie Global put at the disposal of its customers global expertise derived from European universities and shared with experts and advisers to work with all by offering : courses and programs, and seminars and workshops as well as for the organization of meetings and conferences. Administrative and technical consulting . VIP training in the community "VIP" and owners of companies , institutions and businessmen and women and members of senior management who need to train intensely personal and has a special nature . Covering all levels from basic skills and techniques so sophisticated , and in most European countries .. To cover the following areas:
• management skills and strategic planning ( senior management - managing the affairs of the medial and individuals) .
• Training and development of human resources . Secretarial skills and management of the modern office .
• The art of public relations , media and protocol and protocol . Marketing and sales.
• legal and negotiating skills . Financial and accounting .
• Management of procurement and stores .
Specialized programs ( Quality - Insurance - Statistics - management systems and information technology - banks and investment - oil - Safety and Security - Project Management Professional ) through the experience of experts Rubaie world .

Quality Assurance

Al Rabie Global believes that the quality comes first ... We are fully committed to providing our customers with high quality services ... And the level of services cannot be compared. Therefore, the Institute seeks supplier to achieve customer satisfaction ... And to improve its products and services ... It asserts that its training programs... seminars , workshops , laboratories international and local .. Will be subject to amendment process and the development of the journal based on the observations and information received from the customer . It also confirms that the quality policy has is based on several principles , including:
• Focus on effectiveness ( classes , courses and programs , seminars , workshops and workshops , forums and festivals ) to hone skills and adjust the intellectual trends and not just lectures and the transfer of knowledge .
• the design of training materials for each training program as a contractual nature and type of participants and their experiences .
• rely on learning curriculum updated and translated from the English language - French to ensure the transfer of foreign experiences for the Arab world to represent the roles derived from the reality of the process environment for the participants.
• rely on the active involvement of the participants through workshops effective groups " within the halls of training unique to the company and use the latest tools to view the training material .
• careful to limit the number of participants in the courses and workshops model to achieve the maximum benefit from the exchange of experiences among participants and the speed of communication with experts and lecturers .

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