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401 Al Shut Road
P. o. Box : 1997
Tripoli – Libya

Tel : 00218217113595
Tel : 00218917912510

Fax : 00218213502052
Fax : 00218217104854

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Skype : Alrabie.holding



Al Rabie Holding Group

We are Libya Manufacturing Company for manufacture & distribution of consumer products in Libya market.
Our company with distribution net in all over Libya and with free zone bonded in Musarata for transit to Africa as Chad, Niger, Sudan and other countries in central Africa can provide the ability to the producer in interring this large and promising market.

We invites a new brands owners and producers to join us in the Libya market and intending to set production policy in Libya market for non local companies to produce their products locally and be distributed in Libya and all North Africa area.

What we offer to non local companies:

1- Manufacture and or distribute their products in Libya.
2- Advertise and trade their trade market in Libya.
3- Provide their services in the local market


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